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who's about to go before a grand jury to testify about the so-called state dinner crashers. new information on a developing story in montgomery county. police discovered the body of an 18-year-old on a county road. >> and less than a day after a tearful plea but one of their fathers, three teenager girls are returned home. "news 4 midday" begins right now. good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm joe krebs. >> and good moing, i'm eun yang in for barbara harrison for this tuesday, january 12th, 2010. in the news this morning, a grand jury will hear the case today of the now-notorious white
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house party crashers, michaele and tareq salahi. the grand jury will hear testimony from the stylist who worked with the salahis before the state dinner. kimberly suiters is live outside the u.s. district court now in northwest washington with the latest. kimberly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. news 4 was first to tell you about this. lasted friday night, subpoenas were delivered to two local stylists, celebrity stylists, who serviced the salahis the night of the state dinner. we're here in front of the federal courthouse. those two stylists due in mine here. we're expecting them to show up around 11:15 a.m. this morning in their limousine. take a look at erwin gomez. he likes to called a celebrity makeup artist. and also, peggy iocom, she's referred to as a hair artist. they're both called to testify before a federal grand jury that's convened to investigate how michaele and tareq salahi got into the white house and whether or not they lied to government officials. the salahis, we understand,
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spent six hours in the irwin/gomez salahi and paid almost $250, not with a credit card, but numbers written down on a piece of paper. but they did pay, received hair, makeup, a lot of that time was taken up by the bravo film crews that accompanied them. you can imagine how much discussed about the upcoming state dinner in that salon on that afternoon. now, gomez has done in-house salon services for the first family. a spokesman told me they will do whatever they need to do to support the investigation and to protect the president and support government officials in this investigation. again, irwin gomez, celebrity stylist and peggy iocom, who helped with the salahis the night of the state dinner should be arriving here at the courthouse any minute. they are going to testify before a grand jury investigating the entire incident. reporting live inowntown
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washington, i'm kimberly suiters. now back to you, eun. >> kimberly, thank you. three missing girls from loudoun county are now home. last wednesday morning, 14-year-old natalie flores, 13-year-old allison, and 14-year-old jocelyn were dropped off at smartsville middle school, but they did not go inside the class. yesterday, their parents expressed concern that a gang might be involved in their disappearance. then, this morning at about 1:00, police say the girls approached a sheriff's deputy on patrol in the countryside shopping center in sterling. the girls were transported to the leesburg police headquarters, where they met with detectives and were reunited with their parents. the girls appeared to be unharmed and in good condition and there's no word, at this hour, about where the girls were or wt they were doing when they disappeared. montgomery county police are investigating how and why a man's body ended up at the end of a driveway in brookville. the body was discovered by a passerby near brookville road and zion road very early this morning. tracee wilkins joins us live in
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the studio with details. >> good morning. in a quiet, rural community, police say a passerby noticed a man's body lying near a dark road. police are now saying the victim is an 18-year-old african-american male. authorities say he's from prince george's county. they say he suffered trauma to his body. his body was discovered just before 2:00 a.m. by someone driving by on brookville road. his remains were discovered at the edge of a driveway near the road said in the 4900 block. the driveway leads to a large home and acres upon acres of farmland. neighbors say that home has been empty now for about three years and the property has been on sale for more than $3 million er since. detectives are still working to try to figure out how and why the man ended up there. neighbors told me they were shocked by something like this happening in their community. at this point, police are withholding the victim's name, pending notification of next of kin. police are calling this a suspicious death. joe? >> tracee, thanks very much.
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the miami beach police officer who shot and killed a northern virginian man is no longer on the force. the attorney for the family says the officer resigned from the police department after failing a drug test. they were outside a club in june when he was shot and killed. after the shooting, he said the brothers were looking to pick a fight and appeared to have weapons under their shirts, but no guns were found at the scenes. the polls are open in parts offing virginia today for a special election. the election in the state's 37th district has republican steve hunt and democrat dave marsden running against each other for state senate. the. the seat was vacated by republican ken cuccinelli, who was elected attorney general. the 37th district runs from springfield to centerville. insiders say the outcome could influence the balance of power in virginia where democrats narrowly outnumber republicans in the state senate.
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looking outside right now, it appears to be cloudy again and still cold at 30 degrees, not even freezing. let's get the fist forecast from meteorologist tom kierein. he's in storm center 4. >> still a lot of ice there on the potomac river and many of the regional ponds are frozen over, but remind the children to stay off the ice. it certainly is not safe enough to be out on it. as we look now at the view from space, we have some clouds coming in from the west, after we had a little sunshine this morning. still sunny south and east of washington, but it's all cloudy to the west and north of us, at least temporarily. later on today, we ought to get increasing sunshine again. right now, we're in the upper 20s and low 30s. it's now at the freezing mark in washington at 32. prince george's county, now near 30. it's near 30 as well as in montgomery and fairfax counties, now near freezing in arlington county. and the windchills are down to near 20 to the upper teens. we've had the winds gusting to around 20 to 25 miles an hour. these are the latest gusts.
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just had a gust at reagan national at 24. now on the eastern shore, they're near freezing. out of the mountains now, in the upper teens this morning. and it's been a bit milder overnight, as we had the cloud cover with us and the clouds sort of held in some of the warmth from yesterday. so it wasn't quite as cold a morning this morning. we do have breaks in the clouds, though, coming again later on this afternoon, with a partly sunny sky. we'll have temperatures climbing into the mid- to perhaps upper 30s farther south and east, where they've had more sun. wind out of the northwest at around 10 to 20. looks like a warm-up on the way by the end of the week. i've got good news about that. we'll take a look at the weekend as well. that will be in just a few minutes, eun and joe? >> okay, tom. thank you. >> and steve hirschhorn is in for jerry edwards now and he has an update on the midday traffic. steve, good morning. >> good morning, joe, good morning, eun. we'll start with a live look at the beltway connecticut avenue. the inner loop heading away from you. the road work is in the left lane and the delay just reformed. we were doing okay just a few minutes ago, but right now it
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looks like it's slowing down again on the inner loop heading toward georgia avenue from connecticut avenue. had a couple of problems in virginia on southbound 95 near woodbridge. it was a vehicle fire. looks like that's been extinguished, but they're still on the scene along the right. over near dulles airport, toll road 28, you're looking pretty good with nothing reported in the way. moving smoothly. eun and joe, back to you. >> thanks very much, steve. if some of your commuting friends and coworkers are in a bad mood today, maybe it was because they were busted for driving alone in the hov lanes. they cracked down on hov lane violators this morning during the rush hour. they were patrols 66, 305 and 395. the fines doubled with each successive offense. the first violation means a $125 fine. a second offense, $250. a third, $500. and a fourth, $1,000. well, new york city cab drivers may be known for their lead feet, but one driver should
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also be known for his good heart. he found a purse in his car on christmas eve. it had more than $21,000 in it. the purse belonged to a visitor from italy and was the cash that was traveling money for her and her six relatives. instead of considering the lost loot to be a holiday gift, the cabbie drove the 50 miles out to a long island address he found in the purse. no one was home, so he left his number and then later drove bac again to return the money. and he would not accept a reward for his honesty. sounds like he is the one who gave the gift. >> wow. i love a story like that. makes me believe in humanity again. it is now 11:09. 33 degrees -- 30 degrees, rather. the president speaks again about senator harry reid. >> this is a good man who has always been on the right side of history. >> coming up, we'll hear more on what the president had to say about the senator's remarks about his race. plus, why senator john
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mccain became impatient this morning when asked about his former running mate, sarah palin. and why now? mark mcgwire finally answers steroids questions. stay with us.
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in iran today, a nuclear physics professor who publicly supported the opposition leader in the country's last presidential election has been killed. according to state media reports, mehsud ali mohammadi bombed today when a bomb-rigged
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motorcycle blew up outside his home. h mohammadi was a professor at tehran university, which has been at the center of recent protests from student opposition supporters. the government blamed the attack on an armed group against israel and the united states. senate majority leader harry reid continues to draw fire. his comments about then-presidential candidate barack obama's race in the book "game change" are stirring up political trouble. this morning, president obama is laying in. brooke hart is on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: rushing to democrat harry reid's defense was president obama himself. >> there was nothing mean-spirited in what he had to say. >> reporter: the president was interviewed by roland martin of tv one for a special airing on martin luther king day. reid's taske on race and politis was topic "a." >> for him to have used some inartful language in trying to praise me and for people to try to make hay out of that makes absolutely no sense. >> reporter: republicans called
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it a judgment problem, by reid and all democrats. >> they exercised such extraordinary bad judgment, not just in what they've said, but in what they've done. >> reporter: in neva, reid seemed to admit the claim in the book "game change," that in '08, ameras caught embrace a black candidate, especially one with black skin. >> i apologize to everyone. >> reporter: worst than the words, said some promine african-americans, is that they're true. >> lighter-skinned blacks were treated to better privileges because they were closer in approximating white culture. they were more acceptable and tolerable. >> reporter: some says they wish president obama would address that, head-on. no sign that will happen. the president said the average person, white or black, cares more about fixing health care and unemployment than about reid's comments two years ago. in washington, brooke hart, nbc news. this morning, republican senator john mccain is responding to those calls for senator reid to step down.
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while on the "today" show, mccain said that as long as he's known reid, he has never been racially insensitive. he said the decision to step down should only be made by senator reid and the voters of nevada. mccain also responded to new claims that his vetting process when choosing sarah palin as his running mate for the 2008 presidential election was inadequate. >> i'm proud of my campaign, i'm proud of sarah palin, i'm proud of the job that we did. and i will always be grateful for having her as my running mate and the support we got from millions of americans. okay? >> do you -- >> i am not going to spend time looking back over what happened over a year ago when we've got two wars to fight, 10% unemployment in my state, and things to do. >> mccain said he fought the good fight and will always look back on his presidential campaign with, quote, pride and satisfaction. right now in wilmington, delaware, family and friends are paying their final respects to vice president joe biden's mother. president obama and the first
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lady are in attendance among the hundreds gathered for the final tribute to katherine eugeneugen finnegan biden. she died after becoming seriously ill in the past few days. these are live pictures from the church where the ceremony is going on. joe biden issued a statement saying she passed away peacefully at their home in wilmington, delaware, surrounded by family. the statement added that her immeasurable strength lives on in them all. jean biden, as she was known, was 92 years old. a 400-year-old world map with china at its center is now at display at the library of congress. the map was created in 1602 by a jesuit missionary from ity. ricci was the first westerner to beijing back in the late 1500s. the map was the first in chinese to show the americas. over the centuries, the map gained the nickname, the impossible black tulip, because
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it has been so hard to find. but last year, a trust purchased the map for $100 from a rare book several in london. it will eventually be housed at the university of minnesota. the library of congress display begins today and lasts for three months. >> very cool. >> have to get there to look at it. >> can't touch it, obviously. >> it's amazing how crude the maps were back then and how navigation was. i just finished a biography of magellan, and it's still to me, quite astounding what they did back then, to all the way around, circumnavigate the globe, took them two years to do it, but an accomplishment that still lives to this day. quite an achievement. here this morning, as we take a look around our region, we have had quite a bit of cloudiness in and out, but we did start out with a little bit of sunshine. this is a scene just about, oh, 30 minutes after dawn. and we're squeezing a couple of hourdown to just 30 seconds here. we can see these clouds rolling through from the west, but some breaks in the clouds. allowed some of that sunshine to come on through. we've had another deck of clouds
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roll back over the metro area. now the live pictures showing that cloud cover that's with us again. but it should exit over the next couple of hours and we'll likely get some sfoounshine back later. the city camera showing the sky reflected in the ice and some of the river. 32 now at reagan national. here's the extended outlook. looks like through march, it is going to be colder and drier than average, which would mean, perhaps, less snow than average and back io perhaps a cold pattern again after we have a warm-up coming our way here for the next several days, by the end of this week. and as we take a look at the view from space, we can see those clouds that have rolled in from the west. they are now covering much of northern virginia here in the district. points west and north, still some sunshine. southern prince george's county and in southern maryland, calvert, charles, st. mary's, and around the northern neck, getting some sunshine as well on the eastern shore. look at the lows we had this morning. not as bad as the last couple of mornings. bottomed out in the upper 20s right around washington and through much of the region.
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mid-20 lows were common throughout the shenandoah valley and throughout the blue ridge. and the temperatures there now have only warmed up a couple of degrees because of the cloud cover. and here, we'ved had it warm to just near freezing and it's going to be getting a little bi milder as we get into the afternoon. these are the current windchills. feels like about 20 degrees, because we've had the winds gusting a bit. a bit of a stiff breeze coming out of the west-northwest. these are the latest wind gusts. we've seen them gusting to around 25 to nearly 30 miles an hour. now as we take a look at the other temperatures around at this hour, we're just near freezing mark throughout much of virginia, and out of the mountains, just in the teens. not as cold there as it was, certainly yesterday morning. and as we look here, we're seeing this deck of clouds coming in from the north and west, but there's some clearing behind that and that should be moving on in later this afternoon. we had this disturbance pass over us overnight and went out to sea. it did leave a dusting of half an inch to an inch of snow on the eastern shore. this whole system is beginning to drift off to the east.
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as we go forward over thnext 48 hours, we'll get a blast of more cold air tonight. it will be colder tomorrow morning than it was this morning. as high pressure moves in, we'll have dry and settled conditions. and then that cold air will finally exit as this high sort of drifts off over the western atlantic. we'll get a return flow out of the southwest. that will finally get us above-average temperatures here by thursday and into the end of the week. so for this tuesday, we'll have the afternoon highs briefly touching the mid- and upper 30s with the cloud cover breaking up. and them going partly cloudy to mostly clear tonight. the sunset today is at 5:07. and by dawn at 7:26, it will be right down near 20 degrees tomorrow morning. then we'll have some sunshine in the morning, a few clouds developing in the afternoon. highs near 40 tomorrow afternoon. a little bit warmer, but then finally getting above average. on thursday, we should make it through the mid-40s with sunshine. and then on friday, near 30 in the morning, but afternoon highs up around 50. it will feel like a heat wave. and, again on saturday, should be above average temperatures.
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it appears there will be a storm passing ross the southeastern part of the united states, perhaps the carolinas, but it appears now it may not come close enough to us to give us any precipitation. of course, we're still quite a few days away from that. but saturday night into sunday and monday, that storm will be passing to our south. but if it does track a little farther north, we could get a little rain and snow out of it. we'll keep you posted. that's the w it looks right now. >> thanks very much, tom. >> let's go to steve hirschhorn and take another look at the traffic at midday. steve? >> all right, joe, we'll start with another look at the beltway, between connecticut and georgia avenue. this is the inner loop with the traffic heading away from you, heading from connecticut avenue toward georgia avenue. with the work zone, you can see the cones in the middle of your screen that blocks the left lane and it's going to be pretty slow now again heading through the work zone. it seems to ebb and flow and then delays and clears up. if you're heading between bethesda and silver spring, anticipate some delays as you head through the work zone. over to springfield, 95 southbound on the far right side
11:22 am
of your screen, doing pretty well heading down toward newington, there is a work zone in the area again today. >> thank you, steve. now to the latest on a grand jury hearing. the case of the white house party crashers, michaele and tareq salahi. kimberly suiters is live outside the u.s. district court in northwest washington now with new information. kimberly? >> reporter: well, good morning, eun, again. irwin gomez and peggy iocom, the two celebrity stylists arrived just minutes ago. they are here to speak to the grand jury, to testify about the salahis making it into the white house uninvited. we did know, hover, that james packard gomez would be speaking to the press very briefly. in fact, he spoke only to news 4, as well as the attorney representing the stylists. here's what happened just moments ago. >> good morning. >> reporter: how are you feeling?
11:23 am
>> good. >> reporter: what are you going to say today? >> the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. >> reporter: how much was said in the salon about the dinner? >> i'm sorry, no comment. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: good morning. and you're the attorney? >> yes. >> reporter: anything you can say this morning? >> no, we're just going to go in and answer questions. >> reporter: do you expect to be asked just about the salahis, but also about carlos allen? >> we'll answer the questions. >> reporter: how long d you expect it to take? >> careful, everybody. how long do you expect to be in here today? >> it'll probably be a while. i'm not sure what time the grand jury starts meeting, so it'll be a few hours, probably. >> reporter: thank you. tobin, o'connor, and ewing is the firm representing the stylists. they're doing this pro bono. the stylists say they're not complicit in any way, they just wanted an attorney who could
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explain the process to them, as they've never had to appear before a grand jury before. reporting live at the federal courthouse, i'm kimberly suiters, news 4. eun, now back to you. >> kimberly, thank you. and still ahead on "news 4 midday," have you been feeling poorly since the cold snap hit? could you be allergic to cold weather? i think i might be. the answer is yes. we'll explain. plus, the fight over a preschooler's hair. what happened after the school refused to allow the long-haired boy to attend. >> and more changes are coming to "american
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former governor invites presidential candidate sarah palin has a new job. she's joining fx news as a contributor. fox news says palin will offer political commentary and provide coverage of political events. she will not be getting her own show on the network, according to reports. details of the multi-year agreement were not disclosed. "american idol" is losing simon cowell, the judge best known for his blunt criticism said this season will be his last on the show. he's moving on to another singing competition, one that he owns. cowell, reportedly, is making $36 million per year for "american idol". >> 11:27 is your time now, 32 degrees. coming up in the next half hour on "news 4 midday," mark mcgwire confirms what people suspected for a long time. hearhat the former slugger had to say about steroid use.
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plus, testimony in a groundbreaking legal challenge to california's same-sex marriage ban resumes this morning. we'll have the latest on that case. and can you be allergic to the cold? the answer is yes. we'll look at the problems the allergy can cause. >> and tom kierein will be back with the possibility of 50
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>>here's a look at the stories happening right now on "news 4 midday." the case of the infamous white house dinner party crashers is about to go before a grand jury. today, the stylist who did michaele salahi's hair before she showed up at the white house state dinner, allegedly uninvited, will testify. the grand jury will eventually decide whether tareq and michaele salahi should be charged with lying to a government official. police are investigating a suspicious death in montgomery county. they found the body of an 18-year-old man about 2:00 this morning near the -- rather, on brookville road near zion road in the brookville area. investigators say there were signs of trauma, but they have not yet called the death a homicide. right now in wilmington, delaware, family and friends are paying their final respects to vice president joe biden's mother. president obama and the first lady are also in attendance.
11:32 am
katherine eugeneya finnegan biden died friday after becoming seriously ill in the past few days. she was 92 years old. mark mcgwire admits he used steroids. the former star slugger came clean about what many baseball fans have suspected for years. leanne gregg has more now on the fallout from mcgwire's fallout confession. >> it's the most regrettable thing i've ever done in my life. >> reporter: mark mcgwire admitting for the first time that he used steroids for more than a decade. including during this moment in 1998. >> first pitch rocked to deep heft. he did it! >> reporter: the slugger broke ranch maris' single season record of 61 home runs, winning a place in sports history. but when mcgwire testified before congress in 2005, he refused to answer questions about whether he took steroids.
11:33 am
>> i'm not here to talk about the past. >> reporter: but now as mcgwire begins a new job, it is time to talk about it. >> i apologize to everyone in major league baseball. my family. >> reporter: cardinals' general manager, john mowzailake. >> when you look back at what he accomplished, it was great, but there's the truth and the realities now that clearly can he was using these substances. so knowing that, i would never use the word "taint," but i think it puts it in perspective. >> reporter: perspective mcgwire hopes will allow him to regain his reputation in his new role in major league baseball. leanne gregg, nbc news. >> mcgwire said he wanted to come clean about steroids during his 2005 congressional testimony, but couldn't because he was not granted immunity. >> investigators have met with three more wizards players in connection with with the gilbert
11:34 am
arenas gun probe. they met with officials yesterday. arenas met with them last week. the case against him is still being presented to a grand jury, which will decide whether the basketball star should face any criminal charges. in the meantime, he's been suspended, indefinitely, by the nba commissioner. in san francisco, it's day two for the first-ever federal case challenging laws against gay marriage. this case is getting attention not only for what's at stake, but also for the legal team that's making the case for the same-sex couples. pete williams has more on this legal showdown. >> reporter: kristen perry and sandra steer have been together for ten years, raising four boys in berkeley, california. they say they want to get married to demonstrate their commitment and for the sake of their family. >> i certainly think that children benefit from being able to say that their parents are married. children inherently understand when you are treated differently and it makes them anxious. >> reporter: but their hopes of a legally recognized marriage was dashed last fought when
11:35 am
california voters voted yes on proposition 8. it amended the constitution to say marriage is recognized only between a man and a woman. now they've joined another couple saying that denying marriage to same-sex couples violates the u.s. constitution. their lawyers are two high-octane attorneys from opposite sides in the battle over the presidential election, conservative ted olson and david boies now on the same team. olson is getting heat, but says it's a matter of fairness. >> people on death row can get married. people who have no interest in raising children can get married in california. people who are child abusers can get married. >> reporter: surprisingly, california's governor and attorney general have declined to defend proposition 8, leaving it to the groups who fought to get it on the ballot. they say it's too risky to change centuries' of tradition. >> this is altering the definition of marriage and basically saying that it's not for protecting of children, it's about the desires and needs of
11:36 am
adults. >> reporter: after conducting this test with courtroom cameras, the judge ruled the trial could be shown on utube, at first for the federal courts. but that plan is on hold while the u.s. supreme court considers the youtube issue. the justices likel realize this entire legal battle over gay marriage will soon end up here. pete williams, nbc news, at the supreme court. >> supreme court justices are ncerned that video coverage could bring harm to witnesses. they're barring order expires tomorrow. they did not make clear what further action would be taken. >> the cold weather that has gripped much of the eastern united states is making way for some warmer weather, but even as the orange groves in florida thaw out today, the outlook for the industry's growers and packers remains distinctly chilly. matt lauer spoke with financial editor jean chatzky on the "today" show about what it could all mean for consumers.
11:37 am
and we'll have more on that story later. and in news for your health, you've probably heard of people being allergic to all kinds of things, food, cats, mold. but did you know that you could also be allergic to the cold? believe it or not, you can actually be allergic to winter's frigid air. we have a report now from dawn timmeny. >> i call it knock-the-breath-out-of-you cold. >> reporter: most in our area will agree, this blast of arkic air is doing a number of on our bodies. >> my nose starts to run. >> when i field cold air, it's like, ugh, like i have arthritis. >> reporter: but for some, this frosty air isn't just an irritating condition. there is a condition that's an allergy to cold temperatures. it often starts with hives, but those who have it -- >> they can have symptoms such as drops in blood pressure, redness, significant itchiness, even to the point with blood pressure dps that they can have passing out. >> reporter: all it starts to
11:38 am
take the reaction is exposure to the cold. >> when people are going swimming, if they jump into a cold pool and they have a reaction where their blood pressure drops, they can actually faint and there have been drownings from it. >> reporter: the doctor says if you have it, eating an ice cream cone can cause lips to swell, hands can break out after holding a cold drink. it's usually when you begin to warm up that symptoms start. >> when they get back inside and their in starts to warm again, it triggers a release of histamine, which is a natural chemical in the body which triggers the allergic reaction. >> reporter: doctors use a very low-tech way to test for the allergy. an ice cube is placed on the skin for five or more minutes. if you have the condition, hives will appear after the cube is removed. there's no cure, but it can be treated with antihistamines like benadryl and medications including z inclu including zir tech and allegra.
11:39 am
some should carry an epi pen, a self-injectable dose of the medicine epinephrine. >> it could be serious and you're never going to know who could be the one that has that reaction. >> reporter: it's more common in children and young adults. he says if you think you are allergic to the cold, talk to a doctor and don't go out in this frigid weather unless you bundle up. >> i'm going to use that as my excuse from now on. can't go outside, i'm allergic to the cold. >> that wasawn timmeny reporting. let's go back to a story we were telling you about, the florida fruit crop down there. matt lauer spoke with financial editor gene chatzky today on the "today" show about what the cold weather means for consumers. >> as i was watching these reports on all these freezing temperatures, i was sitting there thinking, this is going to make it really hard people on a budget to just heat their home and the cost of fuel oil isn't helping at all. >> it absolutely isn't. the cost of heating oil is up about 50 cents from this time year. >> add to that the subfreezing temperatures down south and the impact they've had on the crops there. >> not just down south, but in
11:40 am
the plain states where we're very closely watching the cost of wheat as well as orange juice and things like that. orange juice, the price could actually go up a dollar a gallon, which is really significant for people who are trying to avoid the flu and are drinking more orange juice than last year. >> these high prices, that's something to be allergic too. >> exactly. i'm allergic to that, the cold, we're going to have hives everywhere. >> let's go to tom kierein and take a look at our weather forecast. >> i've got good news. we have a warm-up on the way by the end of the week, but it's quite cold. we've had clouds moving in from the northwest, back after we had some morning sunshine. radar scanning the sky, no precipitation coming from these clouds. overnight, it did produce some light snow, got anywhere from a dusting to less than a half an inch in parts of eastern prince george's county, charles, calvert, and st. mary's. and the lows we had this morning were in the upper 20s, not as cold as it has been the last several mornings.
11:41 am
and the winds out of the north now, combined with these temperatures near freezing are producing windchills down in the upper teens to near20. latest wind gusts has been 25 to 30 miles an hour. partly sunny and cold with light breezes this afternoon. highs still below the average high this time of year. winds out of the northwest, 10 to 20, from time to time, gusting higher than that. and then partly cloudy to mostly clear tonight. by dawn, it's going to be cold tomorrow morning, near 20. but we should warm to near 40 tomorrow afternoon. partly cloudy. and more sunshine around thursday and friday, we should get into the mid-40s on thursday afternoon, perhaps even near 50 by friday afternoon. over the weekend, the storm system passing to our southill give us some clouds. temperatures in the 40s. however, if that storm does migrate farther north than it appears now, we'll get some rain and snow. we'll keep you posted on that. eun and joe? >> thanks very much, tom. >> a final check of the midday traffic now with steve hirschhorn. >> we're going to look at a map showing you an accident that actually closes georgetown pike
11:42 am
in great falls, virginia, between utterback store road and spring bale road. blocked completely in both directions while the investigation continues. you probably want to use route 7 or even the tolled are. but 193 georgetown pike closed near spring vail road. over to springfield right now, still looks pretty good southbound 95 on the right-hand side of your screen. not much of a backup, even though the right lane is blocked. and over to the beltway, the work zone still there in the left lane. a little sluggish, but not a major delay. back to you. >> thanks very much, steve. if you drive on the highway, chances are you've seen a dangerous driver. they're the ones who weave in and out of traffic, usually at high speeds. now a new video put put online shows outrageous stunts. this youtube video shows motorcyclists and auto drivers racing and doing tricks. maryland state police say this is no new phenomenon, but do want these people to know the danger they're creating for themselves and everyone else on the roads.
11:43 am
>> there's a risk with riding a motorcycle, period. a motorcycle is a lot less visible than actual vehicles. a lot of these motorcycle drivers, they get involved in a fatal or serious accident. >> usually you just want to get out of the way and let them go and keep your distance, as far as you can do it. >> if you're caught driving recklessly in maryland, it can carry a fine of up to 500 dollars. it turns out drivers in virginia may be out for an even more dangerous drive, according to the groups advocates for highway safety. virginia is one of the nine states that rank the worst for highway safety. the group looks at 15 different standards including seat belt enforcement, tougher drunken driving laws and cell phone laws. virginia only met five of the 15 standards. d.c. got the highest point totals, scoring 13.5 out of 15. a $40 million budget shortfall may force metro to lay off more employees than it originally thought. last month, metro said it
11:44 am
expected to cut 25 workers and about 100 vacant positions. now it says it's looking to fire 60 employees and eliminate more than 90 empty positions. metro spokesman says the layoffs will mostly affect administrative workers. the job cuts are expected to save the agency $2.2 million. well, amtrak's high-speed train will soon have high-speed internet. riders will get wi-fi for free to begin. this year, amtrak also plans to add leather seats, improved tray tables, and power outlets. the trains go from d.c. to boston in about 6 1/2 hours. about 90 minutes faster than the regular trains, which are seen here. that's not the asellla. in dallas, it appears the fight over a 4-year-old texas boy's hairstyle will continue. pre-kindergartner taylor pugh has been under in-school suspension since november because of his long hair. on monday, the mesquite school
11:45 am
board voted that taylor could wear his hair braided. his parents have rejected that compromise, saying the boy likes his hair long and they said braiding would make his scalp bleed. the parents have refused to get the child's hair cut, saying the boy wants to grow it out for locks of love. stocks were down in early trading. we'll check on where the markets stand right now. and some toys are being pulled off shelves today after
11:46 am
11:47 am
11:48 am
the federal reserve reports record profits. >> let's check in with cnbc's courtney reagan. she joins us live with more on that story and the rest of the day's business headlines. >> we all know it's been a pretty tough ecomic and financial go as of late for most individuals and businesses alike, but not for the federal reserve. in fact, the central bank posted record profits from its investments that it made in order to basically save the financial system. the federal payout, a record $46.1 billion to the treasury for 2009 after purchasing bonds, treasury debt, and lending, it all really paid off to result in a 47% increase in the fed's net income over the last year. that $46.1 billion is the highest net income ever recorded by the fed since its creation in 1914. stocks right now are a bit low
11:49 am
perp the dow is down by about 48 points, probably due in part to what we heard from alcoa from yesterday. really the unofficial kickoff to the earnings season and the aluminum giant reported a fourth quarter loss. it was missing forecast, kind of a bummer way to start out this new earnings season. chevron and electronic arts warning its profits will be lower than expected. asian markets were mixed overnight on concerns of a possible interest rate hike in china. europe is also lower. and president obama is reportedly considering imposing fees on banks to help recover taxpayer dollars from companies that need government bailouts. the president is seeking so change a law to force banks to pay back their money faster. and attention, travelers, i assume that's most of us, that tug on your wallet, it's happening again. courtesy of delta airlines this time. starting today, the carrier is raising fees for checking luggage on u.s. flights to $23 for the first bagging and $32 for the second, but that's if you do it ahead of time online.
11:50 am
if you don't pay in advance online, it's going to cost you $25 for the first bag and $35 for the second, if you wait to do it at the airport. the new fee does apply to tickets purchased on or after january 5st. if you bought a ticket in the last week, you could owe more money. >> notice the 5th has already come and gone. >> that's ght. and those fees are adding up. >> thanks. well, some toys are being pulled off store shelves today after they were found to contain the dangerous element cadmium. some chinese companies are putting large amounts of it in children's jewelry. they include this princess and frog pendant. they pulled some items from their shelves yesterday. so far, no injuries linked to the jewelry. coming up, the vatican
11:51 am
reviews the highly profitable movie "avatar." plus, meteorologist tom kierein will be back with another check of our forecast.
11:52 am
11:53 am
good morning and welcome back. well, the movie, "avatar," opened in italy this weekend and the lavish 3d spectacle promptly got slammed by the vatican's newspaper. the media outlet calls james cameron's tale of aliens simplistic in its plot,
11:54 am
superficial in its eco-message, and a film of, quote, few genuine emotions. the vatican also takes the movie to task for flirting with what it says is the worship of a nature -- worship of nature as a substitute for religion. the movie has made over $1.1 billion at the box office. hollywood's award season kicks into high gear this sunday with the golden globe awards, which honor the best in tv and film. it's been a while since the show had an actual host, but that changes this year. british comedian ricky gervais takes the reins. >> reporter: before there was michael scott -- >> i said that yesterday. >> reporter: there was david brink on the original british version of "the office". >> keeping up morale. >> reporter: it's a role that brought ricky gervais a golden globe back in 2004. >> a little fat bloke from england coming over and upsetting the run of things.
11:55 am
>> reporter: now the globes have put their whole show in his hands as their host. >> i think that was their first mistake. their second was saying i can say what i want. big mistake! >> reporter: he'll be the show's first host in 14 years. >> that means i can't win a globe this year, which is annoying. >> reporter: gervais got some hosting practice last year as a globes presenter. >> i was backstage having a beer and i went, oh, should i leave this here, no, you can take it out with you. >> reporter: he did and he added to the globe's free wheeling legacy. >> i told you, still a holocaust movie. film stars and tv stars, they don't get enough from the world. so if i can help them at all, just to make their time on this earth just a little bit more bearab, then i'm going to. >> reporter: if tweaks and jabs make life more bearable -- >> the trouble is with holocaust films, there's never any gag reel on the dvds. >> reporter: gervais is the man for the job. >> i'm going to go out there and
11:56 am
say the most tremendous things and then have a fast car waiting. don't do it. it'll be fine. >> reporter: mark barger, nbc news. >> you can watch the golden globes right here on nbc sunday night at 8:00. isn't he hilarious? >> he's out and out crazy. >> it would be worth watching, just to see him. >> absolutely. let's take a look at some of the stories we are following for news 4 this afternoon. our own ricky gervais is here in the studio now. >> we know you're a big "office" fan. >> dunder mifflin version. coming up, first at 4:00, it's an essential part of your daily workout, but it turns out those running shoes you're wearing could be doing more damage than good. then tonight at 5:00, lunch with lindsay and a real daredevil, the man who shattered the record for the longest jump in a rally car is making a pit stop. those stories and all the day's nuz coming up right here, first at 4:00. >> you probably didn't know there was a world record for the
11:57 am
longest jump in a rally car. >> i did not. but he did it! >> he blew it out of the water. >>ongratulations to him. >> imagine that guy's car insurance. let's get a check of our final forecast now. >> here's tom. >> it's still cold, but hope springs eternal. yes, we do have a warm-up on the way, but another colder than average day underway, it's just near the freezing mark now around the region. the windchills are just near 20 degrees. and we do have considerable cloudiness, but we'll see the cloud cover breaking up later on day with the sunshine back. and a mostly chelear night, nea 20 tonight. then more sun around, milder temperatures into the 40s into thursday and perhaps even near 50 on friday. over the weekend, storm passing to our south will give us some clouds, in a out, it will be in the 40s. and we'll see you tomorrow morning. eun and joe? >> thank you, tom. see you tomorrow. thanks, tom. let me ask you this. what would you do if you came across a frozen lizard? if you're aaron sally of pompano beach, florida, you blow dry the poor little guy.
11:58 am
aaron found a chameleon literally frozen stiff during florida's cold snap. lizards go into a coma when the temperature drops below 50 degrees. the chameleon thawed out and sprung back to life. thawing it out is better than having a chameleon-sickle. >> that's true. be sure to contain into "daily connection" at 3 and 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 for all the day's news. >> bye.
11:59 am

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